Judge Kerri Foley

Judge Kerri Foley’s EXPERIENCE, DEDICATION and CONSERVATIVE VALUES make her UNIQUELY QUALIFIED for the position of Judge of County Court at Law Number 2.


Kerri Foley has been a Judge in this community for 15 years.  Judge Foley has successfully run and managed a variety of courts in Galveston County, including a County Court at Law.  With her diverse and vast judicial experience she is the ideal candidate to be your Judge of County Court No. 2.


Judge Foley spent her entire legal career in Galveston County, working first as a prosecutor and Chief prosecutor of misdemeanor cases and later as a Judge in our municipal, juvenile and county courts.  She has dedicated her professional life to public service in this community helping to ensure that our citizens are safe, crime victims are protected and fair treatment and justice is accessible to all.   


Long before it was popular to call yourself “Conservative”, Kerri Foley was an active and contributing member of the Galveston County Republican Party.  For the last 16 years she has taken a pro-active role in helping Galveston County expand its Conservative base.  She is a long-time member of many Republican organizations and served as an Officer in Clear Creek Republican Women Club in 2011-2013.


Judicial experience, professional dedication and community involvement, along with conservative values (evidenced by her long-time involvement in Republican organizations) is what makes Judge Kerri Foley uniquely qualified for County Court No. 2 Judge.


  • Maintain integrity and professionalism in the courtroom.
  • Apply the law as written, NOT legislate from the bench.
  • Manage the court’s docket productively and efficiently, dismissing frivolous cases and saving taxpayer dollars.
  • Represent your values, protect victims, and hold criminals accountable.

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